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ADS Education Fellowship

ADS Education Fellowship

The Australian Diabetes Society established the ADS Education Fellowship scheme in 2018 specifically for those advanced trainees that have completed at least 12 months of endocrinology advanced training through the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) curriculum and is aimed to encourage junior endocrinologists to assist in developing, writing and delivering education content for trainee educational programs delivered by the ADS. In 2018; Dr Melissa Lee, Dr Sarah Parry and Dr Rahul Barmanray joined our pilot program and due to its success, the ADS has continued with the scheme. Appointment on the program is for an initial two-year term then fellows are encouraged to continue on as mentors to the incoming fellows. The ADS Educational Fellowship scheme is under the guidance of the ADS Education Advisory Committee (EAC) and supervised by the Chair; A/Professor Glynis Ross (Endocrinologist).

To be involved in the ADS Education Fellowship scheme, trainees need to:
Individual knowledge and skills of the position:
  • Hold a current AHPRA registration.
  • Demonstrate high level skills in leadership, time management, educational resource production, project planning and coordination.
  • Demonstrate excellent written and oral communication skills, including course material production.
  • Demonstrate excellent computer skills including Microsoft Office.
  • Plan, co-ordinate, deliver and evaluate ADS educational events.
  • Assist in the development of the educational curriculum and conduct relevant background research.
  • Assist with event administration including producing course materials.

Please contact the ADS Secretariat via email at if you are interested to be involved in the ADS Education Fellowship scheme.

2022-23 ADS Education Fellows

  • Dr Lisa Raven
  • Dr Shanal Kumar
  • Dr Yoon Ji (Jina) Rhou
  • Dr Anna Wood

2021-22 ADS Education Fellows

  • Dr Rahul Barmanray
  • Dr Melissa Lee
  • Dr Sarah Parry
  • Dr Anthony Pease

2018-20 ADS Education Fellows

  • Dr Rahul Barmanray
  • Dr Melissa Lee
  • Dr Sarah Parry

RACP Endocrinology Training Program

In Advanced Training in Endocrinology, you’ll explore in-depth specialty training in the physiology and pathophysiology of hormones and hormone-producing tissues. You will train under supervision and prepare for independent practice as a consultant. The program builds your skills through work-based learning and assessment tools.

Please visit the RACP website on further details regarding the Endocrinology Training Program. 

ADS Educational Programs for Advanced Trainees in Adult Endocrinology
The ADS Practical Skills Course (for first year advanced trainees) and the ADS John R Turtle Diabetes Clinical Skills Training Course (for second and third year advanced trainees) are approved educational programs as per the Adult Medicine Division with the RACP.