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FootForward for diabetes

FootForward for diabetes

The Foot Forward Program

Foot Forward offers a range of information and educational resources to support health professionals to provide appropriate foot care for people with diabetes.

The program promotes the timely identification of foot disease risk factors by healthcare professionals and targeted preventative foot care intervention and management strategies to reduce the risk of diabetes-related foot disease.

Foot Forward is a National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) complications prevention program funded by the Australian Government and delivered in partnership by Diabetes Australia and the Australian Diabetes Society.

E-learning modules for healthcare professionals caring for people with diabetes-related foot disease.

Routine foot risk screening is key to protecting at-risk feet from ulcer development and can ultimately prevent amputation. The Foot Forward program offers free e-learning modules for healthcare professionals working in diabetes care.

The interactive e-learning modules are based on the Foot Forward Integrated Diabetes Foot Care Pathway and aim to standardise foot risk screening undertaken by healthcare professionals. The modules provide information about how to perform routine foot risk screenings to identify risk factors for foot disease and how to determine a person’s risk classification. The modules outline appropriate management plans and referral pathways based on different risk classifications.

The information included in the modules will provide ongoing reference and support to clinicians working with people with diabetes.

If you would like to learn more about how to support people with diabetes who may be at risk of foot complications, follow the link to register for the Foot Forward e-learning modules:

Integrated Diabetes Foot Care Pathways

As part of the program, a new resource has been developed for health professionals. The Integrated Diabetes Foot Care Pathway is a tool that provides nationally consistent guidance for health professionals to encourage early identification and early treatment of foot problems for people with diabetes.

The decision support tool assists health professionals to assess the risk of diabetes-related foot disease and instigate timely referral to specialist services when required.

How healthy are your patient’s feet?

Use the Interactive Diabetes Foot Care Pathway to assess your patient’s risk of developing foot disease, and determine their foot care action plan.

Please visit the NDSS website at or telephone on 1800 637 700 for any further information.