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NDSS Health Professional Portal

NDSS Health Professional Portal

Health Professionals who are authorised to certify NDSS forms can now complete forms online through the NDSS Health Professional Portal.

The NDSS Health Professional Portal enables a quicker and more efficient process to register people with diabetes with the NDSS and the completion of other NDSS forms online such as for access to subsidised diabetes products.

Select the links below to set up access or sign in to the NDSS Health Professional Portal:

The NDSS Health Professional Portal provides authorised health professionals and their patients with a streamlined, near real time NDSS registration process which will also issue an NDSS registration number to the patient. This process will facilitate the same day purchase of subsidised diabetes products from an NDSS Access Point (usually a community pharmacy).

NDSS forms and features integrated with the portal are:

  • blood glucose monitoring strip six-month access form (currently suspended, automatic extension in place)
  • insulin pump consumable access form
  • syringe or pen needle access form
  • some continuous and flash glucose monitoring forms
  • search for existing NDSS registration
  • ability to update patient details
  • streamlined registration process and
  • generation of a NDSS registration number within minutes of form submission.

Note: Additional Continuous and Flash Glucose Monitoring forms will be included at a later date.

As the NDSS Health Professional Portal is an optional business process, forms will still be available for health professionals to print through the NDSS website.