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Australian National Diabetes Audit (ANDA)

Australian National Diabetes Audit (ANDA)

The conduct of ANDA is overseen by Professor Sophia Zoungas (at Monash University/Monash Health) in consultation with the ANDA Scientific Advisory Committee.

The National Association of Diabetes Centres (NADC) coordinates the Australian National Diabetes Audit (ANDA) survey every year. It is a free quality improvement activity for all NADC members and provides the participating services with a comprehensive individualised report on many aspects of their specific service and benchmarks against like-sized organisations.

There are 2 ANDA audits that alternate each year:

  • ANDA-AQSMA (Australian Quality Self-Management Audit) is more focused on self-management and diabetes distress and collects data related to diabetes education, self-care practices and quality of life
  • ANDA-AQCA (Australian Quality Clinical Audit) focuses on clinical indicators known to impact on the care of the person with diabetes

The ANDA collections are an important quality activity that promotes continuous improvement in the standard of services provided by diabetes centres. It is anticipated that the data collected will provide key performance indicators for diabetes services to benchmark their performance against best practice.

Primary Care organisations are encouraged to be involved. To register an Expression of Interest to be a part of ANDA, please email:

ANDA 2022 Report:

ANDA 2021 Reports:

Any questions (especially from Centres that have not previously participated in ANDA) should be directed to Prof Sophia Zoungas at email