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QIDC State Meetings

QIDC State Meetings

The 2023 Quality in Diabetes Care (QIDC) Meetings were held in each state with the winning presenters from each state invited to present at the Australasian Diabetes Congress (ADC) in Adelaide on the 24th August 2023. The QIDC symposia session will be judged, and an overall national winner will be selected. There will be a prize for the winning presentation.

The aim of these meetings is for the discussion of COMMON, and EVERYDAY clinical issues. Look at what you do every day in clinic and on the ward and think critically about the evidence behind it. 

Please save the dates! Registration details are advised below for each state/territory and they are free to attend.

QIDC Meeting SA

Date: Thursday 25th May, 2023
Co-conveners: Dr Anjana Radhakutty, Dr Jessica Stranks, Dr Emily Meyer
Judges: Dr Wilton Braund, Dr Jui Ho, Dr Ryan Jellah, Dr Mahesh Umapathysivam
2023 QIDC SA Winner: Dr Andrew Peel


Date: Saturday 27th May, 2023
Co-conveners: Dr Sarah Abdo, Dr Tang Wong, A/Prof Glynis Ross, Dr Sarah Chalak, Dr Lisa Raven, Dr Jina Rhou
Judges: Prof Greg Fulcher, Dr Sophie Poulter, Dr Ann Poynten, Dr Tilenka Thynne
2023 QIDC NSW/ACT Winner: Dr Mike Lin


Date: Saturday 27th May, 2023
Co-conveners: A/Prof Esther Briganti, A/Prof Dennis Engler
Judges: Dr Sof Andrikopoulos, Dr Claudia Ashkar, Dr Anne Corbould, Dr Melissa Lee, Prof Anthony Russell, Dr Jennifer Won, Prof Sophia Zoungas
2023 QIDC VIC/TAS Winner: Dr Shelley Vance


Date: Saturday 27th May, 2023
Co-conveners: Dr Matthew Hare, Dr Lisa Hayes, Dr Jack Lockett, Dr Uyen Pham
Judges: Dr Sheila Cook, Dr Donald McLeod, Dr Brett Sillars
2023 QIDC QLD/NT Winner: Dr Alexandra Matthews

QIDC Meeting WA

Date: Monday 29th May, 2023
Co-conveners: Dr Gregory Ong, Dr Kimberly Voon
Judges: Dr Krish Chikkaveerappa, Dr Simon Edeghere, Dr Karen Rothacker
2023 QIDC WA Winner: Dr Kate Lomax