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About the Australian Diabetes Society

About the Australian Diabetes Society

The Australian Diabetes Society (ADS) is the peak national medical and scientific body in Australia for diabetes. The ADS is a member-based organisation consisting of endocrinologists, scientists, researchers, diabetes educators, allied health professionals and primary care practitioners. The ADS mission is to prevent diabetes and its complications; provide excellence in education for health professionals; promote collaboration, research and clinical guidelines and standards; work with our unified partners Diabetes Australia and the Australian Diabetes Educators Association committed to improving diabetes treatment and care; advocate for health policies around diabetes and its prevention; and to support the person with diabetes to live well. The ADS focuses on 4 key strategic  pillars: Advocacy, Clinical Standards, Education, Research.


To provide the best possible care to the person with diabetes through excellence in education, research and clinical care


  • To prevent diabetes and its complications
  • To provide excellence in education for health professionals
  • To promote collaboration, research and education
  • To work with other organisations committed to improved diabetes treatment and care
  • To advocate for health policies around diabetes and its prevention
  • To support the person with diabetes to live well


  • Making a difference
  • Trust
  • Collaboration
  • Respect


  • To reduce the impact of all forms of diabetes and their complications by promoting
    – prevention of diabetes-
    – the early diagnosis of diabetes
    – the highest standards of care in the management of diabetes
  • To promote the free exchange of knowledge among members and other health professionals and scientist
  • To develop education programs to increase knowledge of diabetes treatment and prevention
  • To promote and facilitate excellence in diabetes research
  • To facilitate translation of scientific and clinical advances in the prevention and management of diabetes
  • To provide expert advice on diabetes to other organisations
  • To develop position statements and guidelines
  • To support the NADC to promote equity of access to quality diabetes care through diabetes centres and services


  • Develop and disseminate excellent education
  • Support and promote Australian research
  • Develop evidence-based guidelines and standards
  • Advocate for more research funding and workforce support

The Society hosts an Annual Scientific Meeting (Australasian Diabetes Congress) in conjunction with the Australian Diabetes Educators Association (ADEA), attracting in excess of 1,800 delegates and rotating around the major centres of Australia, and from time to time also meeting in New Zealand. The ASM continues to attract health professionals Australia-wide and from overseas. This forum promotes the exchange of the latest clinical practices and cutting edge research in diabetes with State-of-the-Art lectures, free communication sessions and clinical, scientific and educational symposia.

Australian Diabetes Society QMS Certification

The Australian Diabetes Society Limited is certified by Compass Assurance Services to the following management systems, standards and guidelines until 30 October 2023:

ISO 9001:2015
Quality Management Systems