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Diabetes Australia

Diabetes Australia

Diabetes Australia

Diabetes Australia works to raise awareness about the seriousness of diabetes, promoting prevention and early detection strategies and advocating for better standards of care. We support and develop outstanding diabetes research in Australia. Diabetes Australia administers the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) an initiative of the Australian Government. Find out more about the NDSS at

Diabetes Australia is the leading diabetes advocacy organisation in Australia. Diabetes Australia represents the interest of all people affected by diabetes by advocating and lobbying the Australian Government for better standards of care and on other issues of national concern. Lobbying and advocating operates at two levels:

  • Addressing and providing solutions for national issues which are raised by individual people with diabetes or their families.
  • Identifying the needs of, and working towards improvements in the quality of life for, people with diabetes.

Diabetes Australia has established effective relationships with the Australian Government, its departments, other health and private national bodies, to advocate on issues such as access to technology, complications prevention programs, improved access to medicines, driver’s license standards, and discrimination in the workplace or in everyday life.

Diabetes Australia is also supported in its endeavours by the Parliamentary Friends for the Prevention of Diabetes; an energetic non-partisan group of parliamentarians, co-chaired by Member for Moreton Graham Perrett and Member for Grey Rowan Ramsey, with a particular focus on helping people with diabetes.

As of August 2021, the Australian Diabetes Society Limited became an affiliated organisation of Diabetes Australia Limited.